September 2003

The North Jersey SPIN welcomed Edward V. Berard from the Object Agency, who gave give a presentation titled Misconceptions of the Agile Zealots at our September meeting.


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Misconceptions of the Agile Zealots

Edward V. Berard
Presented to NJSPIN - September 2003

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  • Prolog
  • Agility & Agile Processes
  • Examples of Misconceptions about Agile Approaches
  • Examples of Misconceptions of the Agile Zealots
  • Issues
  • Discussion

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  • This is not a tirade about how horrible agile approaches are.
  • This is a presentation that illustrates some of the many misconceptions regarding non-agile approaches that are frequently repeated by enthusiastic supporters of agile approaches.
  • Unfortunately, these misconceptions have taken on the "illusion of validity," at least among the agile "acolytes. (You could say these misconceptions have risen to the status of "cherished beliefs.")

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Agility and Agile Processes

Many agile approaches were first referred to as "lightweight methodologies." Some suggested definitions of "lightweight methodologies," gleaned from the Wiki Lightweight Methodology Page , are:

  • "[Software development] methodologies that focus on the use of as little process as possible to obtain good results.
  • "[Software development methodologies that are] document based and have few but powerful formalisms that are loosely coupled with eachother.

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