March 2003

The North Jersey SPIN welcomed Bev Reilly from Telcordia, who gave give a presentation titled Quality Coaching: Dedicated Resources for Software Quality Improvement at our March 19th meeting.

Coaching is one of the newest and fastest growing professions in the United States and in Europe, and the SEPG at Telcordia Technologies—an SAIC Company—is a leader in this growing field. Quality Coaches, functioning as corporate change agents, partner with software project teams to help meet their quality improvement goals. Among other things, Telcordia Quality Coaches support teams for general process compliance, internal peer reviews, and external quality assessments (e.g., TL 9000 and ISO 9001).

This presentation highlighted the concrete process improvements and efficiency that results from Quality Coaching. As software organizations struggle with the need for technical teams to do more in less time, Quality Coaches provide the expertise and motivation to enable an entire organization to effectively meet its quality goals in reduced time.

Participants gained a clear understanding of the resources and tools necessary to implement Quality Coaching within their own organizations. Attendees learned how to leverage coaching expertise to support the quality needs of internal project teams as well as those of diverse global customers.


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The Telcordia Quality Coaching Model

Beverly Reilly
Presented to NJSPIN - March 2003

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coach (koch), n. 1. A person who instructs and trains (a person/team) intr.v. 2. To instruct, in a subject, train, support, or prepare (a person/team).

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Developing a Solution

The Role of the Quality Coach

  • Assist teams to set and reach quality goals.
  • Focus on process compliance/efficiency issues to produce results more quickly
  • Partner to provide ongoing process improvement support.

Coaching is a win/win solution

Slide 4

Coaching: at the root of our quality system

Slide 5

Quality Coaching Procedures

  • Duration of Coaching engagement
  • Deliverables
  • Activities
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Ethics
  • Quality Compliance Plan

Form business case to action

Slide 6

Establishing the Coach/Client Relationship

  • Determine business needs.
  • Weigh management commitment.
  • Identify quality gaps.
  • Support development of Quality Compliance Plan.
Setting goals to improve quality and customer satisfaction

Slide 7

Coaching to Meet Quality Goals

Increase specialization of component supplier industry.
  • Get buy-in for identified quality process (QMO) gaps
  • Determine training/facilitation needs
    • QMO (Quality Method of Operation)
    • Risk management, asset library, metrics, schedule, QMT's, lessons learned, self audits, etc.
  • Assist in implementation of Quality Compliance Plan

Slide 8

Measuring Added Value/Quality Improvement

  • Internal customer evaluation of coaching
  • Additional coaching requests and recommendations
  • Quality System Reviews (internal audits)
  • Measures of increased efficiency
  • External certificatios and appraisals
  • External customer feedback

Slide 9

Summary: Quality Coaching for Software Process Improvement

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About Science Applications International Corporation

SAIC is on e of the world's leading providers of systems integrations, information management, data security, and network solutions. SAIC and its subsidiary, Telcordia Technologies, have an unsurpassed record in helping clients succeed with end-to-end information technology and networking solutions. For more information about SAIC, please call +1-858-826-6000 or visit the SAIC home page at

Bev Reilly is a Senior Quality Engineer in the SEPG at Telcordia Technologies—an SAIC Company. In order to maintain compliance with the Telcordia Software Development Process (Quality Method of Operation, QMO), Bev developed procedures for and leads a Quality Coaching Initiative to support project teams for process adherence, peer reviews, and external quality assessments as well as for quality coaching and training for global customers. Bev’s additional process improvement efforts include the re-engineering and development of an interactive project team-based workshop on managing software development, a corporate orientation program for new technical employees, and the re-engineering of a process for, and instruction on, Quantitative Risk Analysis for Telcordia and SAIC. In addition, Bev created timely software development process training to keep product teams current with recent QMO changes. Lastly, Bev provides quality training for internal and external customers and facilitates Key Learnings for both domestic and international customer teams.
Bev is a member of the International Coaching Federation. She spends her leisure time gardening, traveling, and reading. She has two children—both lawyers.

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